You can perform a calibration procedure as follows: What should I do? You will need to send your End of Day reports to your laser or dot matrix printer. What if I need additional technical support for my printer? Your credit card will be charged only for the price of the advance exchange, and parts and labor if applicable.

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UPS Printer No Longer Prints from UPS Worldship After Installing Zebra Designer Driver

The light surrounding the feed button should be green. What can I do? You are responsible for one-way shipping charges using a trackable shipping method.

Ups worldship zebra printer Zebra Repair Center will contact the customer for service charges that are required to complete out-of-warranty repairs. IF the original printer is not returned with 15 days, your credit card will be charged wworldship amount equal to the then current list price for an equivalent printer, at Zebra’s discretion. My printer will not come out of “Dump Mode” when I press the feed button.

If an item within an order is backordered, it may be shipped ups worldship zebra printer. You may need to replace your labels.


UPS LP and UPS ZP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

What if I need to return my printer? Zebra advance ships a replacement printer with a return shipping label within business days.

When the indicator light flashes green, press and hold down the feed button. If print quality is still inconsistent, return your printer for service. Where can I order spare parts for my printer?

Zebra Technologies

Your Zebra Support Representative will provide an RMA number Be sure to record this number and retain it for your records and ups worldship zebra printer placement on your shipping box. Scales are available directly from the scale manufacturer not Zebra. Can I send End of Day reports to my bar code label printer? Once approved, your order will be compiled and prepared for shipping. How soon will my ups worldship zebra printer be approved? If there is still no light, return your printer for service.

Make sure that media is properly loaded and the cover is completely closed.

UPS LP2844 and UPS ZP450 Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Any items received by Zebra other than the printer will not be returned to you. Make and retain a copy of the shipping tracking number for your records. Rpinter is ups worldship zebra printer available option for these printers. If the printer is functioning properly, it will now be out of “Dump Mode. Press and hold down the feed button.


The printer is now ready for zebrs with your UPS software. How can I obtain a scale?

Zera credit card will be charged only for the price of the advance exchange, and parts and labor if applicable. If print quality is poor, it is possible that your labels are poor quality.

You will be offered two service options: What else do I need in order to print UPS labels? If you choose the Advance Exchange option: How can I obtain software or drivers for my printer?

Send the box, with RMA number clearly indicated on the outside, to Zebra Repair Services, at the address provided to you. Zebra printers are compatible with all standard UPS shipping labels, including 4″x6.

Contact the Zebra Repair Department at: