Choice of Grey or White Case instead of standard cream. How do I fix it? Ideal printer for POS, data logging applications. Transmissive sensor is selectable to detect gaps between each label. I removed com1 but no go? Hi, I developed a database some time ago, that’s running on Access This only seems to be happening in Publisher.

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Star TSP600 OPOS printer

Sign Up Sign In. We are not affiliated with any of the banks, financial services or software manufacturers discussed here. The hardware wizard never prompts me for the location of the driver files.

Yes you need to install stat driver first, here are the steps: My printer won’t stop printing no matter what I click on: Does anyone know where there is opoz list of approved printers for GP? I am getting to a point where my users are not completly trusting the Point of Sale machines that they are using. Multiple overlay formats for Tickets or Coupons. Hello, I imported some data into excel. Adjustable 45 to Unfortunately i am still having the same problem on quite a few of my machines.


Star TSP OPOS printer | Accountant Forums

I assume that many opos drivers are unable to print logos. Available in grey or new Star white wtar. As far as I can tell, it only looks at the Windows update site for the driver.

Using Epson receipt printer in MS Word? We could not get the printers to work and called Ithaca for support on ipos. I still receive the “Unknown Error” and the only way i have corrected this problem is to uninstall com1 and reboot machine. Unique mm print width on mm paper width with up to 0.

I am getting to a point where my users are stat completly trusting the Point of Sale machines that they are using. Anyone has a clue what could be wrong? I have a printer installed with a drawer on a parallel port with OPOS 2.

Anyone have any suggestions? How to correctly set up CPrintInfo from a printer name? The feature is checked to print high res graphics from linked, but what would be the best way? COM1 will reinstall opox upon rebooting. Internal speaker plus audio jack connector for external speaker if need. PS48 purple RCP 2.


Using the Star TSP receipt printer with your application is quick and easy.


I am pretty certain there is a bug with the Epson-TM88iii OPOS software or firmwarebecause every couple of weeks, I get an error, that can only be solved by rebooting the computer.

What kind of problems are you having? Forms Printer Has anyone heard of an additional feature called Forms Printer?

After rebooting, should the COM1 remain uninstalled? However even after rebooting the machine the “Unknown Error” still randomly comes up on the same machines.

Internal or External Paper Feed external for large capacity roll orsecurity applications.

Ideal printer for POS, data logging applications. Within the star config utility after pressing the check health button it is giving me an error on all machines rsp600 “CheckHealth method failure!