Video and TV-recordings thumbnails creation Our thumbnail creator for videofiles has been worked on to make it more reliable. Furthermore we fixed a DPI scaling issue for Win 8. If you want to use the standard keyboard, then you can switch the input style back to it by pressing the related button on the virtual keyboard. There are looots of other changes and fixes of people who deserve a big “thank you” but I don’t want to bore you – just drop by on IRC or the forums and remember we’re doing this in our spare time. Tag Reader Since we had quite some issues with the “old” tag reader, we replaced it with a new one. And last but not least, we fixed some potential freezes which were caused by using an obsolete Album View Music setting in Shares View.

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A big thanks goes out to all our developers who have carried on mediaportzl on MediaPortal even in the European summer when there are so many other things they could do with their time.

Wizards not in 0. NowPlaying was using incorrect track length. Here it is, our MediaPortal Summer release!

The MP2 team is proud to present the final release version of MediaPortal 2. Image Caching option for skins While this does not sound like much, it will dramatically decrease the loading time required to switch between various screens or sections of MediaPortal, especially for HD skins which use high resolution background images.


There are enhancements to the video resolution logos that will give you more information about the video you are watching. To learn how to use the new features, see our Wiki: Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software. You can simply access the re-import feature from context menu of a focused media item. Full list of changes http: Cannot translate my programs Frodo – My Radio: A visual indicator has been added to each skin and theme to inform the user that an importer process is ongoing.

Then select the model you wish to use. Fixed timeshifting being stopped by a client in some invalid situations.

Oh, and enjoy it! This release fixes some small, but very annoying problems in the 1. You can now assign special shortcuts to switch from one screen to the other directly. The black pics bug which a few people had has been resolved. So the following list will focus on what mediaporgal since the medkaportal of 1.

Setup doest not write wrong television country code to mediaportal. It is updated in x0 release. How to record anything on your screen using th While we hope that as many users as possible test this new version, we wish to stress that due to the massive changes, using this version on a production system is not recommended. MediaPortal can now play most not all, see notes below of your Blu-ray discs, including the menus, extras, etc!


Driver Required You must have a driver installed to use a X10 remote.

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Click on read more to see a list of important changes. Attached to this news you will find the Pre Release version of MediaPortal 1. It is possible to watch myProgram media with the internal generic player now.

You can find updated versions of the extensions in our websites repository.

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In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best. We recommend mmediaportal x86 version. Download the new release here.

Favorites is also added to music. The music selection is poor.