Xtested chipsets View our list of chipsets that have been tested for use with RT. All other audio devices are incompatible. Please refer to your RAID controller’s documentation for information on how to create and configure striped volumes. The tutorials illustrate features of the RT. X system with an Intel or chipset.

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The following chipsets have been tested with the recommended system configuration. Also learn how to simultaneously fly the photo border and video matrox rt x10 off the screen.

Documentation Software Updates Utilities and Fixes. Important ,atrox information on the designated drive will be lost. Tips and Techniques Please note RT. X10, see the validated motherboards and validated systems pages. This translates to approximately 20 minutes of DV video, which poses a serious matrox rt x10 to a nonlinear editing platform like your Matrox RT.

matrox rt x10

Software updates

With NTFS, you also have the option of creating a striped volume, which consists of multiple hard drives formatted as a single partition. Choose from the following categories:. X system with an Intel or chipset. Matrox rt x10 requirements Read our system requirements for RT.

Matrox rt x10 To ensure that your storage is operating at optimal levels, defragment your hard drives regularly once a month at least. X system with an Intel chipset. If you already have Windows installed on your computer, martox can check the format of your drives.


Matrox Video – Support – RT.X10

This Matrox rt x10 contains 10 steps to assist you in setting up your hardware, and installing your operating system, drivers, and Matrox software. Systems and devices are added on a regular basis, so please check back often for the latest updates. X10 you may not be aware of, such as how to create certain special effects. X10’s ability matroz work properly. Enhancing matrox rt x10 photographic effects Learn how to add a photo border to the still video clip you created in the Using Frame Hold for photographic effects tutorial.


By default, Windows stores this file matroz your system drive. Leave the Allocation matrox rt x10 size at Default. X system with an IntelX, or XE chipset. For information matrox rt x10 how to configure your system’s virtual memory, see your Windows documentation. Xtested display cards View our list of display cards that have been tested for use with RT. Storage recommendations View our general storage recommendations as well as a list of any devices we’ve found to be unsuitable for use with RT.

Click here for the RT. In the Disk Management utility, right-click the appropriate drive and choose Format. If you are using Matrox X. Applying a page curl to a title All Matrox realtime effects can be applied to either video or graphics. Creating sequences of effects using the razor tool Using the razor tool matrox rt x10 Adobe Premiere Pro, learn how to create complex sequences of effects by splitting clips. Using Frame Hold matrox rt x10 create photographic effects This tutorial explains how you can use Adobe Premiere Pro’s Frame Hold command in combination with several other effects to create a realtime sequence in matrox rt x10 frames of motion video transform into animated pictures — a prelude to Enhancing your photographic effects.


Without adequate storage for your audio and video clips, your system will not work properly. Disk defragmentation It’s important to make sure that your storage matrox rt x10 not become too fragmented. Documentation Software Updates Utilities and Fixes. The following diagram provides a typical EIDE device configuration for your system: