Giving output of following commands would help. I think that one way to suppress this stuff My understanding is that the upstream sources used for both packages are identical. This momentarily suspends pulseaudio, and starts skype Enjoy: That’s sad but maybe there is an another VoIP conferencing application that fulfills your demands. It also seems a bit difficult to get it to work, plus the exe app with it didn’t work when I tried it.

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The md5sum is cfade77fcdea8f the crc32 is 3b18a I really appreciate all your effort in helping me figure this out. If you’re running in a thin-client model, you’ll need to manually create a file:. I’ve got sound in Et Ubuntu 7.

I’m using Debian, but I am aware that this issue also occurs on various other operating systems and should be treated as such. Done Building dependency loadinh Reading state information If i use static version with!

Sample rate has cracking. I also rebooted at this point, to restart the pulseaudio daemon – not sure if that was neccessary Finally, open Skype. I won’t get into detail about frequencies and such, just leave it alone loadiing you really need to change it.

SDL SoundBank

Distributions like Ubuntu 8. When you exit ET and want to play TrueCombat: However, rott is just as staticy with this option as without.


New self-containing launcher script! You could also set the sound input to be ALSA which for osund users is less likely to be blocked by another application, as recording with multiple applications at once is less commonly done Using pasuspender to momentarily suspend pulseaudio is another way to use Audacity.

Please tell me why it’ a good thing to suppress one’s honest opinion in some attempt at phony politeness that is far from truthful or accurate. This is what works for me: Hi guys, Great tutorial. AFAIK pulseaudio is rewritten esd enlightement sound daemon and also maintains old api for old esd applications. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. That means your working directory is not the directory where you have installed Enemy Territory.

I would like to know whether any sound to text tool box is existing in SDL.

Loading sdl sound with pulse

Tried the steps above, correctly as far as I know and still no joy. Again, unless you really know what you are doing, it’s best to leave these numbers alone.

I’m sorry but I can’t currently help mobile phones aren’t ideal web browsers so googling around about that error message wouldn’t be a pleasant experience: Can those having problems please compile the above attachment and run it a few times: Depending on your system, using the ‘! Ok, so I downloaded and installed the new binary you posted. loadinng

Recent Drivers  AV600U WIA DRIVER

[SOLVED] Another Slackware user with PulseAudio problems – Page 2

If you are still experiencing crackling issues with lucid, you are probably experiencing a new bug and should consider filing a new one. Does sl slowptr for dmix explicitly resolve the symptom?

I am experiencing the same crackling issue in neverball. Read about it on my blog: To post a comment you must log in. While there is now a version of Jack that will function with Puleaudio they’ve had to leave out function I prefer to keep and I NEED Jack or I’m back to regular dual-booting to Windows, something I have been happily free from for over 5 years.

Memory blocks allocated during the whole lifetime: This bug exists for TWO years.

Excellent, that’s relevant and rules out dmix, leaving gain.