On Mon, Sep 17, at Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with a recent kernel? That would be sweet and would save me having to haul, setup, and power a lot of extra gear that I shouldn’t really need. This was a significant machine, split in half, with each side monitoring the heartbeat from the other for safe operation. And for myself I wouldn’t need to route to an upstream internet connection.

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WEP works fine, but is not sufficient for some applications. I need to take a gumstix outside to do some field work soon. Perhaps I’ll fix the problem in time, but it’s not in scope of my project. Find out if wireless-testing will work on the OLPC. The latest firmware release is 9. I posted a “me too” sort of response early in this thread, lihertas here’s an update of what I have learned and figured out. Kyle On Sep 17, 8: Otherwise, we have to write the drivers for it.

AP mode for Gumstix Wifi

However, it’s better to split the larger task into several smaller sub-tasks. It’s probably standard linux network admin stuff, livertas I personally have never had to travel down that path so I don’t know what the details might be to make something like that work.


Views Page Discussion View source History. This ability would permit OLPC to include a single file to support both firmware modes. On Sat, Sep 22, at 4: On Sat, Sep 22, at 2: I’m already working on this.

Masters, I was out all these days, I have raised a lot of posts regarding this AP on Gumstix issue before this.

Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with a recent kernel? I have setup sdik of the OE to work on this, and have made a post on this too, Recently Gumstix made linaro available, I have to yet check out that image if AP works out-of-the-box.

On Mon, Sep 24, at 8: And for myself I wouldn’t need to route to an upstream internet connection. For the short term, I’ll probably bring an old wifi router out with me so all my wireless devices can see each other through that.

AP mode for Libfrtas Wifi. Ultimately, we will deliver a thin firmware and a working libertas tf driver to go with it. Find out how slow your code is with AppDynamics Lite.

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It’s OK if some parts are broken, only concerned about booting with a command-line and full functionality of network and network tools. There is already a clue telling libertax AP mode libertas-tf sdio drivers are available in the old kernels, from what Chris says, I need Liertas mode on gumstix overo-fire, for two projects.


Does network work with standard libertas full firmware? I can see this network from my tablet or my laptop or my friend’s ipad and any of them can connect and get an IP address.

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It might be interesting to explore if it’s possible to set up at least a simple password for access? Also this network runs with no security or password.

There are simple instructions for setting up a gumstix with a wifi interface here:. Is there any interest in working on this? That seems to be libettas unstable for me i. The latest driver commit is e5dfdffae5deb0cfbea98, required for mesh to work.

New firmware and modified libertastf drivers need to be written.