I solved the problem by installing an. My phone is said to be able to be flashed, or dual booted to Android, but that’s NOT without difficulty, and a matter for another, less friendly forum There is no progress bar or any indication that the software is doing anything. That’s what I have running on my Blue Angel currently. I got it running via Live CD.

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I have an sdcard as well on the phone and I can see that as well through windows exxplorer. I had ssensation my phone to factory default. Do we have an eta on the issue? It may be that it’s a serial port.

I see they’re doing that to XP users, too. It looks like my short term solution is to shell out for one of the TP Link devices that go from 3G to Ethernet. As if I would be able to do sensatiln If I disable advanced networking mode and load the uipaq. It needs “World Unlock”, and other cracks, before running Android.


Do you have a gateway on the pfSense LAN? Well, I’m using my WinMo 6. It has a Mhz qualcomm processor, but it’s called a “Pocket PC”, instead of a smart-phone. Subscribe to our Newsletter Product information, software announcements, and special offers.

Sharing your phone’s Internet connection by USB tethering

I’d like to get it done without bricking the thing, AND while having all the hardware work, but I’ve yet to get all the steps and files together. Connect the HTC One. The name is “AndroidHtcSync2. That’s what I have running on my Blue Angel currently. Many devices can present in either mode depending on how they’re initialised.

I get the phone is not connected along with a [32] or a [34]. Can you not get an older 3g dongle and transer your SIM card to it? Forums Shop Toggle Rndix.

Loading More Posts 25 Posts. Do you use your phone for calls still? Just type in androidhtcsync2.

Another search of these forums shows bluetooth to be presently a dead issue. Once the device is attached ue0 will be available for use like a normal network device.

Recent Drivers  DT100 2GB DRIVER

Internet pass through and RNDIS drivers – HTC Desire | Android Forums

Find All Thanked Posts. The default speed is though. I found that it is contained in a later version of FreeBSD. I wouldn’t even think about using Bluetooth.

HTC Sync Manager problem! Phone is not connected.

USB debugging is enabled. Are you convinced that the TP-Link would be a no go? I also hate to “tech by wallet”, as mine is not that fat. Originally Hhc by Scott Funguy. That said, you are not likely to end up with a working network connection without a lot of manual work, and even then it wouldn’t show up and be manageable in the GUI in any meaningful way.

Sounds like you’re up to your neck sejsation technology that almost works together.