Just someone please explains physics part to me. Eramus Tilley Feb 16, at 3: Originally Posted by paulb Hope you have got a good memory because by the time you have hit around 6 representative shots on each setting you will have at least 90 shots in your head to recall and compare. Available in the Green design for those seeking a lower ball flight, the Blue design for those seeking a mid ball flight, and the Orange design for those seeking a higher ball flight. Good luck as it takes time If your shot is a slice starting left and then curving right , then your club face is already pointing left of target at impact.

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Not being restricted by a space suit of course. You can learn more about Hole More Putts on the company website. Face Angle Actually, what would be the best setting for someone just starting?

Does the Nike VRS Covert driver require custom fitting? | Applied Golf Technology

If I want how to adjust a nike vrs correct a slice with my drive and I have a Nike Covert Driver, do I set the head angle to the left or the right? Thanks for the A2A Originally Posted ajdust paulb Nike is a marketing company that pays billions to market to dreamers who think that buying their items will hike your sport.


The iPod is really a much better choice in that case. Tim Feb 28, at 6: Definitely going to put one in the bag. Available in the Green design for those seeking a lower ball flight, the Blue design for those seeking a mid ball flight, and the Orange design for those seeking a higher ball flight. Vts Aug 1, at Believe what you want.

Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions

And much like with putters, when another player switches to a new driver shaft and finds success, other golfers take notice. However until we can measure the loft and face angle in each of the 15 connector settings there is no way at present to confirm their claims.

But you do not sway massively from side to side. We want to protect the interests of golfers by providing an unbiased platform to feel proud to contribute to for years to come.

Clubfitting, custom clubs, doppler analysis.

Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver

Current options are to complex, for both fitter and customer. The last thing you want to do is overload yourself with information on this one, but here’s a pretty critically important concept to understand. Tips Swing naturally, regardless of the alterations you have made to the club head, and let the club alter the ball flight.

I was one of how to adjust a nike vrs guys who had to how to adjust a nike vrs all the newest, greatest stuff coming out each year. Imagine very thin blade irons with globs of lead on the very centre top, centre bottom, tip of the toe, and tip of the heel.


It really is a nice club and look forward to playing with it on course and seeing if it delivers!! Equipment 1 week ago.

Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions | Healthfully

About Us Applied Golf Technology AGT was launched in to provide the Scottish golfing public with a personalised custom-fitting, clubmaking and club repair service second to none.

All times are GMT. Altering the loft angle will change the ball’s trajectory between low and high. I Loved this driver!!

I have 8 to 12 degree options, which is the best to set the neutral at? Below are the how to adjust a nike vrs.

Spinning wins every time! E See a Professional Golf Instructor to develop the correct swing habits.

Needless to say I like good golf equipment. According to the Rules of Golf, any club with movable parts, such as the Nike STR8-Fit driver, can only be used in tournaments if all alterations have been made prior to each round and no changes are made during the rounds.