While that MSRP is certainly not cheap it is in-line with competing products and we left feeling its performance and relative ease of use make the G4 a solid contender. From my perspective, the FM tuner has found new life with this release. Typically, the first device needed to be paired again. The G4 filters out all that and allows up to four people to easily chat at a distance of up to a mile — in theory. Feedback from riders who are using the iPhone with their Scala Rider G4 intercom would be great. Pros Impressive call qualityPlenty of rangeEasy installation. The other problem is that many motorcyclists have come to expect that nobody else can hear them when riding, and so commutes are turned into spoken word recitations or, in our case, impromptu demonstrations of helmet-filling baritone prowess.

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In most cases the headset does an admirable job of keeping the volume level appropriate as you speed up or slow down, but intercom conversations were a bit faint at low speeds. There are two models of the G4, the version we have with a flexible boom mic and another that has one on a wire. Make Smart Decisions Product Buying Guides In-depth guides to help riders understand what to scqla for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions.

Going for a ride. scxla

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Software Upgrade Version Report – webBikeWorld

Software Update 1 See Also: With a whole raft of new features — including some specifically targeted at Apple device users — along with improved user customization options and very timely bug fixes, there is likely to be something for everyone to smile about.

Both of these features can be useful when travelling outside any normal listening region and beyond the range of the stored favourite stations, or when a general sweep of the FM band is desired…change is good, right? The first is to initiate an upwards scan allowing the system to temporarily store off the first six active stations it finds and secondly, allow the user to interrupt this scan when a station of interest is heard.


The settings are not well explained though and there are no examples in the updated manual, whereas the release notes provide one example. The clamp fits between the padding and the shell of the helmet, but there is also an adhesive mount included if that setup won’t work for you.

Cons High costLack of easily accessible controlsCuts down on singing-time. No matter the final qualitative assessment on the dedicated A2DP channel feature, the overall outcome of this version release is that feature and performance yardsticks have been advanced once more. For software upgrades of other products go to the Cardo Community.

The system-generated voice provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to configure everything listed above, using just the device controls, something all users can take advantage of.

Garmin zumo and HTC Touch After initiating a stereo music stream from the zumo to the G4, I stopped it and started the media player on the Touch, but it was obvious the two devices were conflicting. After sending some initial observations and v4 via email to a technical representative, a series of telephone calls from the representative have proven extremely enlightening and beneficial.

In my case, that was the English Version 3. A few seconds later you’re good to go. Screen shots of the Cardo Personal Computer software application.

I am confident that this dynamic switching feature works, or will work, with or without the MP3 Channel A button being pushed, but it is far from seamless.

After the upgrade to version 3. Wrap-up We do have a few complaints about the Scala Rider G4, most of which could be addressed by some sort of thumb-accessible controls on the left grip, but overall we left feeling quite impressed.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

With the iTouch introduced again, the stereo stream from the zumo would continue, until the first pause and switch, then it went back to a mono stream again: Going for a ride When we performed our first call with the G4 we weren’t quite sure scal to expect, but we certainly wouldn’t have predicted the person on the other end saying they couldn’t hear the motorcycle, or the wind, or the wheeler engine braking three feet to our right.


Click-to-Link is a new v4 dynamic feature allowing Scala Rider G4 users to initiate or receive spontaneous random intercom connections from other G4 users who are within range, without the need to formally pair the respective devices. As the tuner sweeps upwards through the band it stores rideg first six FM stations discovered into temporary memory, accessed by tapping the Channel B button per normal radio usage. Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

Step 3 Double-click on the icon below from your desktop. The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video. Incoming random requests from other Click-To-Link G4 intercom units can be rejected in the same manner as incoming mobile phone calls, by remaining silent for ten seconds or until the rkder tone subsides. Pros Impressive call qualityPlenty of rangeEasy installation.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Review: Caedo default the headset disconnects after 30 seconds of silence and then reconnects you after you speak a word.

It even has a 3. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. That claim, and promise if you will, is clearly being fulfilled.