There was so much dust in there it was basicaly clogged, the reason it slows down and starts up again tha nrepeats is that it lowers the cpu speeds to compinsate for the over heating, This completely fixed the problem. February 12, at There are a lot of these chips out on the market, and more are being sold everyday… but yet ATI refuses to support it. Their just a bunch of body parts in the air in random arrangements. August 31, at I think it has something to do with hardware. Please type your message and try again.

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August 29, at 2: January 23, at 5: And if yes where can i find them? Tell me what graphics chip you have. System responsiveness is …ssssssssllllllooooooowwww.

The thing is when i play WOW everything is fine for a few minutes then everything freeze a blue scren pops up and the computer restarts. When first delivered it had theese specs:.

The only rwdeon that the ati linux driver does is adjust the display resolution. It wont hurt them much but its the only way I can hurt them, and by showing the middle finger.


ATI Radeon Xpress M and OpenGL games | guru3D Forums

July 27, at 9: I know my new laptop will not have an ATI card in it! I followed your suggestion, installed the driver pack using the options below:. The driver update does not include the M chipset. Hi, have you really seen people running kotor using a SiS chipset?

As you requested in your research article of August 8, here is my chip info: Guess it has not worked. Rsdeon a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not a raadeon, just a run-of-the-mill GIS application.

OpenGL capabilities report: RADEON XPRESS

Official specs on Satellite LS – Toshibanot much on there though. December 26, at 2: Since most of you guys played WOW radeoh problems do you know what might be the solution? The solution is, simply, to go to a 8.

August 31, at January 11, at 4: Because of that, and because I finally figured out the solution because of reading the comments above carefully, I just wanted to put the info here for others to be able to share in.


I play WoW and FF11 on it quite frequently and it does fine.

Hey had the same issue and found a solution, now the problem is that the drivers on your pc dont use opengl even though the card has the ablity to use opengl 2. Kind of sad actually. But I can say that even as of today, nearly 3 years since my original post, the Xpress m is utterly incapable of playing any sort of OpenGL games. January 17, at 7: Sorry guys you forgot about the end users again!

January 5, at 5: Have to let it sit for about half an hour before I can even reboot the stupid thing. Games would go slow,quick,slow,quick. Sorry, forgot to mention my OS is Window 7, 32 bit.