Technical Specifications Optical Resolution: A passive terminator is just a plastic cap; so not a big deal but again can be difficult to find. Scan Results And Recommendations One of my first questions was how effective Digital ICE worked with this scanner in cleaning dust, dirt, and scratches from a scan without adversely affecting image sharpness and definition. Brooks, All Rights Reserved. The flux was weakened by 9.

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Acer ScanWit S – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – SCSI Overview – CNET

The two film holders are rugged, well designed units. Now some words about a resolution of the chart and of the scanner. I have already examined the Acer ScanWit film scanner. Although this was not a long-term test evaluation, I found that the Acer Wcer is well made and should provide good reliability and service. The scans with Digital ICE turned on were as sharp and defined in a print as when it was not used.

The Scznwit converter is the only one I know of, perhaps you can purchase one used.

For more information, visit the Acer Peripherals web site at: The today’s model looks similar to its predecessor except only the ICE mark. If you just scan an aced and try to remove scratches on a program level, the result will be worse. Because of the straight-through optical design, the ScanWit S is somewhat wider than many of its competitors, but is still compact enough so that it takes up a small space on a desk top.


On both counts the results were positive. One holds six film frames for filmstrips acet the other holds four mounted slides. Acer is not a familiar brand within the digital photography realm, but it is an internationally established maker of personal computers and computer peripherals, including an extensive line of scanners.


Benq (Formerly Acer) ScanWit 2740S Film Scanners

My intention was to use Vuescan as they do support it but I have concerns about scawit connection hookup and whether this will really work. Both results are very close.

This makes accessing the scanner’s capabilities easy for an experienced user, and easy to learn for the novice.

Here Are 3 Easy When I implemented a detailed metering of the initial image in the graphics editor the details were distinguishable even at such density. And, most of the dust, dirt, and scratches were removed effectively.

Acer Scanwit S Question | Photography Forums

If we look at the parts aced the chart which the scanner is caer to show at a strong enlargement, then it will be a set of pixels slightly different in frequency for light and dark stripes. Although the internal design with its straight-through optical path is unusual, the act of making scans is quite conventional and comparable to other scanners.

Dan DearyMar 11, On the sccanwit, the point of view that a film can distinguish more than 50 lines per mm and that it is necessary to have scanner with a resolution more than pixels per inch is a myth, at least, as far as the Tmax film is concerned.


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This picture of a pair of Monarch butterflies in a fir tree was captured with a mm lens and flash illumination, and resulted in a rather underexposed color negative. I was hoping the Scanwit would improve the 35mm at least and be a little more convenient to use.

That will be your only option with the notebook. But I haven’t seen so far good filters that would remove scratches and work with bit color. The right part is scanned in the ICE mode. This was easily remedied, and I got to work with no further difficulties.

Your name or email address: If you want to improve your old overdeveloped and overexposed negatives or underexposed positives, these models won’t help you. The result is impressing, but if a scanning process with the ICE disabled takes only 60 s, in this mode the time increases 5 times – 5 min 17 sec. After JPEG compression the resolution chart details with the density of the negative film more than 2D are almost unnoticeable. This mode looks very wcer for many old films.