Connecting To The Ethernet Port The physical memory is displayed on your Startup Page. Turning The Printer On The paper guides in the tray are probably out of place. Calling For Technical Support Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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Xante Accel-a-Writer 3N

Selecting The Printer Interface Make sure that you get it seated properly. Cleaning The Printer I am getting tear drops on my output.

Print Quality Issues Internal Ide Hard Disk Upgrade Calling For Technical Support About This Manual Clearing Paper Jams cacel Turn off the printer for 30 minutes to allow fuser to cool and wtiter. FUSER is displayed when the temperature sensor inside the fuser does not read the correct temperature too high or too low.

Other Helpful Documentation Installing The Paper Cassette Feeder Printing Double-sided Copy Don’t have an account?


Reserved Ip Addresses Handling The Printer Paper Cassette Feeder If it only occurs from a single tray, then observe the pickup rollers and see if they are causing the media to be fed through the printer at an angle.

Make sure that they are not laying flat.

DO NOT use media that is specially coated, synthetically reinforced, colored with surface treatment, or heavily textured.

If these values are entered manually instead of through DHCP then the DHCP setting on the printer must be wwriter off in order for the settings to apply. Paper Handling Options writdr Handling The Toner Cartridge DHCP may not be setup to assign addresses correctly which will reassign the IP address each time you restart your printer.

Connect the PC directly to the printer using the cross-over cable and test communication. On occasion, the sides of the toner cartridge not making good contact can also cause the problem. Check both ends to ensure each springs back.


Packing The Printer Turning The Printer Off Connecting To The Parallel Port The paper guides in the tray are probably out of place. If the problem occurs z all trays, perform X-ACT calibration which corrects for skew. On the right side, following the guide for the toner you will notice another contact, which is the ground.

Connecting The Power Cord